About Us


ORJC exists to include, involve, and inspire. ORJC will be decidedly inclusive. We will begin the work of changing the world by building a diverse and vibrant coalition. ORJC will be intentionally involved in creating change by participating in local government, school systems, community building, and non profit partnerships. ORJC will strive to inspire people of all generations and backgrounds to step up and do the work of creating a more just world.


Olean Racial Justice Coalition will work to end injustice through inclusion, involvement, and inspirations. We will create and attend community events, work to identify and mentor the next generation of community leaders, and leading grassroots efforts to educate individuals on social injustice in our community.


  • We are a community based organization comprised of diverse individuals dedicated to holding law enforcement and elected officials accountable for intentionally dismantling systemic racism and injustices.
  • We intentionally decenter the majority narrative and center the minority narrative in all coalition functions, communications, and events.
  • We intentionally create space for intersectionality in our actions. We acknowledge that the white, heterosexual, able bodied narrative has been assumed to be the default. By being intentionally intersectional, we affirm that all individuals experience life in unique ways, and that all of these unique experiences must be integrated in to local law, community, and government functions.
  • We intentionally give voice to underrepresented populations, especially in public forums.